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* Más de Dupré, Marcel
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* Sólo Repertorio: Organo


Autor: Dupré, Marcel
Formato: Libro de partituras - 98 páginas
Idioma: Inglés, Francés
Editor: IMP
Referencia: #112359
Precio: 23,33 Euros
Repertorio clásico de Organo


A collection of over seventy chorale preludes, originally composed by Marcel Dupre as preparatory material for those about to tackle the formidable J.S. Bach chorale preludes. However, this collection of fine Organ works offers a world of performance material; an excellent repertoire that will bring pleasure not only to the Organist but to all lovers of devout Organ works. A superb introduction to the techniques required to play Bach, and an equally superb performance anthology.


A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
Abide With Us, O Lord Jesus Christ
All Men Shall Die
Awake! Hear The Call Of Watchmen
Before Thy Throne I Will Appear
Beloved Jesus, Here We Stand
By The Rivers Of Babylon
Christ Is Risen From The Dead
Christ Lay In The Bonds Of Death
Christ My Lord, God’s Only Begotten Son
Christ Our Lord To Jordan Came
Christ The Lamb Of God
Christ Who Maketh Us Glad
Come God, Creator, Holy Ghost
Come Now, Saviour Of The Heathen
Come, Holy Ghost, Lord God
Deck Thyself, O Beloved Soul
Descend, O Jesus, From Heaven To Earth
From Heaven Above Came Angels
Give Praise To Jesus Christ
Glory Be To God On High
Hail To Thee, Blessed Jesus
Have Mercy Upon Me, O Lord, My God
He That Suffereth God To Guide Him
Help Me Glorify The Grace Of God
Help Me, O God, That I My Overcome
Holy Jesus Is Risen From The Dead
How Bright Shineth The Day-Star
I Will Never Part From God
In My Beloved God
In Quiet Joy
In Thee Is Joy
In Thee, Lord, I Have Hoped
In Thee, O God, Have I Put My Trust
Jesus Christ, Our Saviour
Jesus My Joy
Jesus My Trust
Jesus On The Cross
Kyrie, Christ The Comforter Of The Wrold
Kyrie, God The Everlasting Father
Kyrie, God The Holy Ghost
Lord God, Now Open Wide Thy Heaven
Lord Jesus Christ, Turn Unto Us
My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord
My Soul Longeth To Depart In Peace
Now Thank We All Our God
O Christ Who Art The Light Of The World
O Gracious God
O How Vain, O How Fleeting
O Innocent Lamb Of God
O Lord My God
O Man, Mourn For Thy Many Sins
On This Day The Son Of God Triumpheth
Our Father In Heaven
Out Of High Heaven Have I Come
Out Of The Depths Have I Cried Unto Thee
Praise God, All Ye Christians
Praise The Lord God Almighty
Praise To Thee, Jesus Christ
Rejoice Now, Beloved Christians
Salvation Has Been Brought To Us
The Child Was Born In Bethlehem
The Glorious Day Is Come
The Holy Infant Shall Be My Consolation
The Old Year Has Passed Away
The Son Of God Is Come
These Are The Ten Holy Commandments
This Day Is Full Of Gladness
Through Adam’s Fall Is The World Defiled
Unto Thee I Cry, O Lord Jesus
We All Believe In One God
We Christians
We Thank Thee, Lord Jesus, For Thy Redemptive Death
Whither Shall I Flee?

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