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Autor: Cole Porter
Piano, Voz, acordes de Guitarra (PVG)
Formato: Partitura - 260 páginas
Editor: Warner Bros. Publications
Referencia: #58066
Precio: 36,89 Euros
Partituras de Grupos & Artistas de Piano, Voz, acordes de Guitarra (PVG)


Cole Porter rediscovered song treasures have finally been put in one book for all you fans to enjoy. Most songs were affiliated with some of his Broadway shows and some like Weren’t We Fools? were written especially for the great comediane and song stylist Fanny Brice. Some of the shows represented in this collection are: Kiss Me, Kate.Panama Hattie, The New Yorkers, Fifty Million Frenchmen, Wake Up And Dream and Gay Divorce. A great collectors item for all those dedicated Cole Porter fans.

58 titles:

after you, who? (gay divorce)
always true to you in my fashion (kiss me kate)
another op’nin’, another show (kiss me kate)
baby, let’s dance (la revue des ambassadeurs)
be a clown (the pirate)
be like the bluebird (anything goes)
the blue boy blues (mayfair and montmartre)
brush up your shakespeare (kiss me kate)
close (rosalie)
dream- dancing (you’ll never get rich)
fish (la revue des ambassadeurs)
hans (la revue des ambassadeurs)
the heaven hop (paris)
high flyin’ wings on my shoes (les girls)
how could we be wrong? (nymph errant)
how’s your romance? (gay divorce)
i am loved (out of this world)
i worship you (fifty million frenchmen)
i’m a gigolo (wake up and dream)
i’m in love again (greenwich village follies of 1924)
i’m throwing a ball tonight (panama hattie)
i’m unlucky at gambling (fifty million frenchmen)
i’ve a shooting box in scotland (see america first)
i’ve a strange new rhythm in my heart (rosalie)
i’ve got somebody waiting (hitchy koo of 1919)
it all belongs to you (the laugh of the town)
it must be fun to be you (mexican hayride)
let’s fly away (the new yorkers)
let’s step out (fifty million frenchmen)
longing for dear old broadway (pot of gold)
look what i found (around the world in eighty days)
looking at you (wake up and dream)
the lost liberty blues (la revue des ambassadeurs)
only another boy and girl (seven lively arts)
the physician (nymph errant)
pilot me (la revue des ambassadeurs)
please don’t make me be good (fifty million frenchmen)
please don’t monkey with broadway (broadway melody of 1940)
rap tap on wood (born to dance)
river god (the sun never sets)
since i kissed my baby goodbye (you’ll never get rich)
so near and yet so far (you’ll never get rich)
the tale of the oyster (fifty million frenchmen)
they all fall in love (the battle of paris)
too darn hot (kiss me kat)
visit panama (panama hattie)
wake up and dream (wake up and dream)
were thine that special face (kiss me kate)
weren’t we fools? (written for fanny brice)
when the summer moon comes ’long (yale)
where is the life that late i led? (kiss me kate)
which? (paris)
who said gay paree? (can- can)
who would have dreamed? (panama hattie)
why can’t you behave? (kiss me kate)
why don’t we try staying home? (fifty million frenchmen)
you can do no wrong (the pirate)
you’re too far away (nymph errant)

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