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* Más de Duke Ellington
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100th Anniversary Edition.

Autor: Duke Ellington
Piano, Voz, acordes de Guitarra (PVG)
Formato: Libro de partituras
Editor: Warner Bros. Publications
Referencia: #58084
Precio: 29,70 Euros
Artistas de Piano, Voz, acordes de Guitarra (PVG)
Música Jazz - Moderna


70 of the Duke’s best, arranged as piano solos for the loyal fans of one of the elite of Jazz in America and probably the world. The 70 songs are lost gems from the pen of Ellington. Now,the Duke’s material is available for the first time in the U.S.A.

Awful sad
Battle of Swing
Beautiful romance
Best whishes
Birmingham break down
Balck and tan fantasy
Black cat blues
Black Beauty
Blue bubbles
Blues I love to sing
Blues of the vagabond
The blues with a feeling
The breakfast dance
Cincinnati daddy
The creole love call
Doin’ the voom voom
Drop me off in Harlem
Drummer’s delight
Ducky wucky
Easy St.Louis toodle-o
Flaming youth
The Gal from Joe’s
Goin’ to town
Harlem flat blues
High life
Hodge podge
Hop head
I’m in another world
I’m riding on the moon and dancing on the stars
It don’t mean a thing
The jeep is jumpin’
Jeep’s blues
Jubilee stomp
The lazy Duke
Mississippi moan
Misty mornin’
The mooche
Mood indigo
Moon over dixie
The mystery song
Dicty Glide
Immigration Blues
Memphis Wail
Pigeons and peppers
Prelude to a kiss
Pussy willow
Rent party blues
New Orleans Lowdown
Riding On a Blue Note
Rockin’ in rhythm
Saturday night function
Sloppy Joe
Smorgasbord and Schnapps
Sophistecated Lady
Steppin’ insto swing society
Sweet chariot
Syncopated shuffle
Take it easy
Wall street wail
Washington wabble
Watermelon man
Way low
What a life!
You gave me the gate
Zonky blues
Sweet Mamma

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